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Water Hyacinth

Have Algae Problems?


Just drop them in your pond or water garden and watch them grow!


Water Hyacinth is Now Out of Season. Shipping will resume in the Summer of 2007


Adding Water Hyacinth plants to your water garden or pond is essential for helping maintain clear water and keeping your pond or water garden Algae free. These plants not only help clean Algae from the water, they are also excellent Oxygen producers which is great for fish. Pond fish also love these plants for cover. The Water Hyacinth plants float on top of the water. They do not require planting in soil... Just throw them in your water garden or pond. Plants multiply rapidly in full sun, and hot temperatures!


(Shipping in the US only. We do not ship to AZ, CA, LA, FL, and TX, USA. due to state regulations)


Currently Shipping Water Hyacinth:

Water Hyacinth is Now Out of Season

Current In-Stock Water Hyacinth Health:

Water Hyacinth is Now Out of Season















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